Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative

Job Development

Employment Support Skills

Working can provide a source of income as well as a source of purpose.  Women can grow their self-esteem by contributing positively to their community.  Skills focused on, taught, and/or reviewed will include but are not limited to:

  • The importance of working

  • Balancing work and family life

  • Balancing work and faith

  • Skills evaluation

  • Resume creation

  • Cover Letter writing

  • How to search for a position

  • Filling out applications

  • Interviewing practice

Support Services

Tackling the Issue

Trauma Support Therapy

Providing emotional supports for women who have been through violent relationships is key to helping their overall development.  We accomplish this by partnering with a local mental health organization. Muslimas United will also use peer support mentors from our Muslimas United Sister Circle program to lead support groups.  Disability Rights California will also be assisting with peer mentors and speakers.

Education & Outreach

Making a Difference

The American primary and secondary educational system is very complex.  Parent ambassadors from the various school districts will assist parents in understanding how to enroll their child, assist them with homework, and communicate with the school staff.  College requirements will be covered through our partnership with Diaspora Regional Consultants. They will host workshops on how to ensure their student has a chance to attend college.


Healthy Cooking and Eating

Helping The Community

At Muslimas United Sisters Circle, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. Teaching and supporting healthy cooking and eating is by no means an easy feat, but cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Vision Boarding

Turing dreams into reality

With this initiative, our goal is to promote growth through creative planning.  With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

Cultural Broker

Changing the Paradigm

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Culturally sensitive practices and education is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.


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